Conversations among your target market audience happen whether you like it or not. At Athletux, we know that when marketing is done effectively, it encourages the right sort of conversations that ultimately result in generating brand awareness, which equates to revenue. The right marketing strategy begins with the right team creating it. Laying the proper groundwork begins with research – and at Athletux, we do our homework! We analyze your current marketing strategies and work with you to secure the right tactics to successfully grow your brand and achieve your goals!

By far, social media is one of the largest influencers in today’s world, which is why we have an Athletux team member dedicated solely to overseeing the development of your social media needs as the trends continue to change. Having followers on social media outlets such as Facebook and twitter are two of the best ways to generate the kind of attention and discussions you want for your company. Marketing Today’s successful marketing campaigns and strategies involve understanding the synergistic link between all of the social media outlets. Our team understands the importance of utilizing social media presence and how it can tie directly into your ability to generate sponsorship. By demonstrating how many hits, followers or impressions you are receiving, you can highlight the potential amount of people you can touch in your sphere of influence.
Generating sponsorship dollars is important – we get it. Whether it is for a company event, or for a specific athlete, we craft tailor pitches for our clients to potential sponsors with the goal of creating a long-term relationship where both sides can see the rewards.

    • Sponsorship Coordination
    • Advertising Recommendation
    • Social Media Services
    • Promotion
    • Community Awareness

    • Informational Packets
    • Fan Involvement
    • Ticket Sales
    • Collateral Creation and Distribution

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