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At Athletux, we are fortunate to work with many of the industry’s leading companies and brands. As a result of these partnerships, we are proud to offer exclusive deals to our Team Athletux clients through the Athletux Perks Program.

If you are an Athletux client and would like to place an order with any of the below companies, please contact us directly for instructions on how to do so. Be sure to click on the logos to visit each company’s website and learn more about them.

If you are a brand interested in learning more about the benefits of this program we would love to hear from you! Whether you have worked with Athletux in the past or not, please contact us at for more details on how to be involved!

American Equus

Fine materials, exacting requirements and technical mastery are the foundations of American Equus’ quality. Our master machinists craft the finest materials to create unique and exceptional equestrian products. American Equus draws inspiration from riders and their horses giving free rein to combine different elements and options to produce a truly custom riding experience. The American Equus brand crafts all its products in the United States, in their own workshop in Gilbert, Arizona.


Animo dedicates itself to individuals who enjoy equestrian sports and leisure time spent in comfortable, elegant garments. Animo is exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy, which separates the brand not only for its advanced technology, but also for its lively, colorful collections that reveal the charm of products that are 100% MADE IN ITALY. Animo offers clothing lines for equestrian sport and leisure time with a common thread: comfort and fashionable style.

Auburn Laboratories, Inc.

Auburn Laboratories, Inc. are creators APF (Advanced Protection Formula) and APF Pro, leading adaptogenic supplements for horses. APF supports your horse’s natural ability to “adapt” to stress, providing natural herbal extracts in a concentrated formula that is easily mixed into daily feed. Created by an equine veterinarian, Auburn Laboratories, Inc.’s products have become the first choice for the world’s top riders and trainers.

Athletux clients can receive a $21 discount and free shipping on APF Pro if they call Auburn Laboratories directly.


The first of its kind, BC2A® by Equine Sports, Inc.-Equine Sports Performance® presented to the equine world, a patented oral paste formula for supporting muscle efficiency in the equine athlete. This most sophisticated technology has been protected in the design and engineering of our branched chain amino acid products for over 30 years.

Coat Defense

Coat Defense provides the equine community with effective solutions that are safe for horses, the humans who care for them, and the planet we share. Coat Defense’s line of products protect against and eliminate fungal infections and are safer and more effective than anything on the market today.

Athletux clients can receive 20% off orders with Coat Defense with code ATH.

Dapper Horse

Dapper Horse is our #1 place to shop European Equestrian Brands. They offer a broad selection of boutique European equestrian supplies and horse tack including the industry’s biggest and most popular brands like Romfh, Uvex, Kingsland, Cavallo, Passier, and more.

Athletux clients receive 15% off orders at Dapper Horse.

Deco Pony

Deco Pony creates custom horse show accessories, allowing riders to coordinate stall guards, halter guards, and totes in their barn or team colors. Make packing for your next event more fun with matching accessories to tie your whole look together!

Athletux clients can receive 15% off orders with Deco Pony.


Equivont provides incremental market reach for companies focused in the equine industry (training, sales, horse wellness businesses, products for sale and more!). Through their platform, they expose your business to an audience interested in your services and helps customers find you in a way that wasn’t possible before. 

Athletux clients can list for $1 for the first month with 20% off listings moving forward after that.


Equi In Style or EIS offers amazing tech-fabric shirts that are perfect for keeping riders comfortable at hot, sunny horse shows. They have expanded into more diverse styles, but these incredibly cooling shirts are still their bestsellers! There’s no reason you can’t look like you just stepped out of a catalog, even when you’re glistening under the hot sun at an outdoor horse show, rounding the back nine, or winning at doubles.


FABBRI is an Italian boot company known for their careful and stunning craftsmanship. The principle technical characteristic that distinguishes these boots from the others is the adaptability: they perfectly and immediately settle and model at the foot and leg of the rider. FABBRI boots are all-natural, omitting all plastic or synthetic materials! They represent style, class, and elegance.

Athletux clients can receive 10% off orders with FABBRI.

Frilly Fillies

Frilly Fillies creates custom bonnets for horses of all sizes. These luxurious and durable bonnets are made of specialty yarn in a variety of vibrant and stylish colors and designs. Each bonnet is custom designed and made to order, creating a look as unique as you and your horse!

Frilly Fillies is offering Athletux clients $20 off on all bonnet orders, OR receive a free bonnet for every 2 full-priced bonnets purchased.

GGT Footing

GGT Footing has elevated equestrian footing used throughout different disciplines and different levels of performance. No matter what your discipline is or skill level, their expertise and guidance will assist you in developing a world-class riding arena that protects you and your horse. For more than 20 years they have been producing innovative products for the market of riding arena construction.

Contact Athletux for details!

Grand Meadows

Grand Meadows was founded in 1989 with one guiding principal – to give horse owners an affordable and extremely high-quality science-backed horse supplement product. Every single Grand Meadows horse supplement is based on science, proven research, and ethical formulations that help horses grow, recover, thrive, develop, and feel their best.

Athletux clients can receive 10% off orders at Grand Meadows.

Heritage Gloves

Heritage Gloves provides innovative and top-of-the-line riding gloves for every discipline. By focusing on every detail – fit, feel, function, durability, quality, style, and value – Heritage Gloves is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the perfect gloves for every rider. Some of the unique features of these gloves includes unrestricted flexibility between the ring and pinky fingers, synthetic suede for increased sensitivity control and grip, and a Kevlar textile that is stronger than steel yet as soft as cotton.

Heritage Gloves will give Athletux clients 50% off email orders.

Horse Scout

The Horse Scout teams are pioneers for the next generation of equestrian services, software and lifestyle interests. Horse Scout Market is the largest equestrian marketplace and professional services network. Horse Scout Design produces customizable lifestyle and homeware products, made on demand in the US and Europe with royalties back to the equestrian artists.

Discount varies, please contact us for exact offer.

Ice Horse

Ice Horse cold therapy wraps and boots feature a patented cryotherapy formula for cold packs. The products gained popularity with top level  horsemen and veterinarians because they provide a truly therapeutic level of cold for a long period of time.  They have added more products to the Ice Horse line including hoof boots to treat laminitis, a back blanket for kissing spine, a wrap to treat stifle issues and other vexing equine soundness problems.


JRD‘s philosophy on saddle fitting is deeply rooted in BALANCE. Balance for the rider begins with balance of the saddle. All too often riders think they must endure the pain of a saddle that does not fit them correctly. At JRD Saddlery, they know YOUR SADDLE SHOUD FIT YOU AND YOUR HORSE.

JRD is offering free saddle consults for Athletux riders!


Kerrits riding apparel is designed for riders, by riders. Kerrits offers amazing products that are durable and comfortable while allowing riders to perform their best. Whether schooling at home or looking polished for the show ring, Kerrits makes sure you are comfortable and look your best.

Athletux clients can get 25% off their order of Kerrits riding apparel.

KEP Italia

KEP Italia is an Italian company founded on pure passion in 2007. The desire was to design and then produce a more comfortable, safe and innovative helmet than those available on the market up to that moment: KEP Italia wanted to offer the best helmet in the world, combining the very best available in terms of design, technology, raw materials and safety.

Mane Street Market

Mane Street Market is an online marketing platform for equestrians to market their businesses and showcase their sales horses through an app and website. Listings provide easy to share links that include descriptions, photos, video and contact info.  Learn more about Mane Street Market by visiting their website or downloading the free app on Apple and Google Play.

Athletux clients get 3 months of advertising for free

Manna Pro

Manna Pro strives to be a recognized leader in the care and nurturing of animals. Bringing innovation, high and consistent quality, and excellent customer service to their clients, Manna Pro’s equine line include feeds, supplements, skin and coat care, wound care, and leather care products.

Manna Pro will provide Athletux clients with exclusive coupons to use on their orders.

Midlantic Ltd.

Midlantic Ltd. is a strategic marketing agency who knows the importance of brand identity and puts the client first. It is their goal to fully understand your needs and to work as a creative partner to achieve your objectives. Midlantic Ltd. brands all sorts of merchandise, like jackets, saddles pads, and coolers, all the way to ribbons and awards. Their motto is, “We can brand anything!”

Contact Midlantic Ltd. directly for pricing, product info, and special offers for Athletux clients.

Nupafeed USA

Nupafeed USA provides unparalleled supplements for your equine performer. They have both an amazing calming supplement, Magnesium, and an energy and muscle building supplement, L-Carnitine.  Magnesium helps to ease stress in horses as they become more mentally relaxed, physically supple, and focused during training or in the show environment. L-Carnitine helps to increase your horses’ energy and stamina, especially during high demand activities. Their products are totally safe, legal, and cost effective.

Nupafeed USA is happy to share a 15% discount off on NupafeedUSA Magnesium and a 10% discount on NupafeedUSA L-Carnitine for Athletux clients.

Perfect Products

Most well-known for their Perfect Prep EQ™ line, the industry standard in show safe calming, Perfect Products supplies nutraceutical formulas for the comfort, wellbeing and performance of top equine athletes. Each Perfect Products formula is designed with a broad spectrum of targeted ingredients to produce visible, consistent results.

Perfect Products is offering Athletux clients 10% off of their orders.

Professional’s Choice

Professional’s Choice provides top quality equipment for both English and Western disciplines. Professional’s Choice has specialized in equine sports medicine products for the last 25 years and has become an industry leader recognized for its dedication to the comfort and health of horses. In addition to equine leg care products, Professional’s Choice offers saddle pads, girths, bits, and other accessories of the highest quality for the professional competitor.

Athletux clients can receive 25% off at Professional’s Choice.


Revitavet is an industry leader in preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices. Their mission is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits of infrared therapy, providing healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of your equine athletes, enhancing their peak performance condition, and preventing costly veterinary ailments before they arise.

Athletux clients can receive 25% off at Revitavet.


Samshield helmets combine advanced technology with sleek, modern designs that give pro riders more active and passive security and comfort while riding. Inspired by premium motorcycle helmet technology, Samshield helmets are made from variable density polystyrene with a high-performance polycarbonate outer shell with a unique air vent system under the visor for excellent breathability while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Athletux clients receive a 25% discount on Samshield helmets.

Saratoga Horseworks Ltd.

Saratoga Horseworks Ltd. sells great quality horse products with unique designs and fabrics. Their main products consist of bandages, wraps, and all types of blankets. They take pride in their products and supplies being produced sole in the United States. Saratoga Horseworks strive to continuously improve each of their products!

Athletux clients receive a 15% discount on Saratoga Horseworks products.


STRIDER™️ enables riders to easily find and enter upcoming show and clinic opportunities across disciplines. The easy-to-use platform enables organizers to fully customize their offerings and makes it simple for riders to submit entry details and payment from their phones. The calendar has simple search tools to help riders find exactly the clinicians or horse shows they are looking for.

Free to use for Athletux clients!

Sterling Essentials

Sterling Essentials offers scented natural leather cleaners and conditioners that provide gentle, effective care for your leather. Their products contain a special blend of natural food-grade products, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils. This ensures that your leather is nourished and protected while still being gentle on you and on your horse.

Athletux clients receive a 15% discount on all Sterling Essentials products.

H.E. “Tex” Sutton Forwarding Company

H.E. “Tex” Sutton Forwarding Company was established in 1957 by the late Halford Ewel Sutton. The wealth of experience they have accrued shipping horses over the years has enabled them to maintain an ever-improving standard of safety and comfort for their valuable equine passengers. Their fully-equipped dedicated aircraft affords them the luxury of scheduling trips on demand, avoiding unnecessary stops along the route; ensuring the on-time arrival of a healthy, happy horse – ready to perform to their fullest potential – making them the choice of champions when it comes to flying horses.

Total Saddle Fit

Total Saddle Fit‘s mission is to focus on the comfort and protection for your equine partner. The Shoulder Relief Girth’s intelligent design and high-quality construction allows for full range of shoulder motion under the saddle. The Six Point Saddle pad offers versatile and anatomically correct fit, with many shimming options and a unique wither relief design.

Total Saddle Fit is offering Athletux clients 25% off website orders with a coupon code.


WeatherBeeta is a pioneer in the industry being one of the first to use synthetic material in horse blankets and dog coats. For almost 40 years WeatherBeeta has embarked on a brand mission to create high quality, comfortable, innovative and durable protection for horses & dogs.

WeatherBeeta is offering Athletux clients 30% products with a coupon code.

World Equestrian Brands

World Equestrian Brands is a leading designer of performance products for horses and their discriminating riders. These products are specifically designed to meet the demands of challenging equestrian sports. The World Equestrian Brand family of products includes AmerigoVega Saddles, Equipe Saddles, Vespucci Bridles, E.A. Mattes Pads, Tri-Zone and Stretch & Flex Leg Protection, Classic Equine Products, ProChaps, and MC PoP Studs.

Athletux clients can enjoy 15% off of World Equestrian Brands tack and equipment.


Zarasyl is an ointment that creates a second skin for your horse which aids in the creation of the optimal healing environment for your horse.  Veterinarians love it for their clients, it’s USEF and FEI legal and is a must have for every tack box. It contains Silica, which is essential for healthy tissue growth, adheres to the area for protection of open would sites, and provides a breathable barrier to allow oxygen in to promote healing.