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5 social media tips to…
Boost your Following on Instagram
  1. Post quality IGTV videos consistently.
    IGTV videos are 400 times more likely to receive views, as compared to a standard picture or video.
  2. Create saveable posts.
    The new Instagram algorithm looks at the number of people saving your posts. Create content people will want to save and look back at later.
  3. Be involved on your social media platforms.
    The social media algorithm favors accounts that respond to comments immediately and are actively and consistently involved. You are more than likely to get a boost in the feed if you remain connected and social.
  4. Use hashtags correctly.
    Use hashtags on every single post and use 5 or less on each one. Check to make sure that your post averages the same amount of likes/saves as the top post on the explore page. Use uncommon hashtags to avoid your post falling to the bottom of the explore page.
  5. Create carousal posts.
    Adding multiple pictures to a single post creates a carousal effect and the more that your followers swipe between pictures it counts as activity and boosts your feed.
  1. Promote your Facebook page outside of Facebook.
    Share a link to your page on your website, blog posts, or anywhere else people may see it.
  2. Engage your followers.
    Post content that will create conversation on the posts. Facebook’s algorithm favors posts with engagement.
  3. Join relevant groups.
    When you post in groups relevant to your business, you reach people with the same interest and are therefore able to increase your following.
  4. Share your business Facebook page with your personal account to help increase your following.
    By promoting your business to your personal friends and family you will increase the activity and engagement on your business page.
  5. Balance your posts.
    By clicking audience insights > posts you are able to check when your fans are online so you can plan your posts accordingly.

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