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5 Reasons Why Social Media is Great for Marketing

1.Your relationship with your customers is strengthened
The way your company communicates with its’ customers over social media builds a deeper connection, as they begin to view you as a friend rather than just a brand. Customers are given the chance to peek behind the scenes of your business and see the people who are behind it all and who they truly are buying from.

2.Helps to promote and personalize your brand
Your customers view your brand through your social media, and because of this you are always able to portray your brand in a positive light to your customers.

Through promoting your brand, you are also strengthening your relationship with your customers by personalizing your brand and staying in contact with them.

3.It is very cost-efficient
Social media gives companies an opportunity to advertise completely cost-free. Not only is it a cost-free form of advertising, but it is also an effective cost-free form of advertising. It is a simple way to promote your business and create your companies’ brand and image all through how you run your platforms. You can choose to purchase ads as well, but if you run social media properly, you can achieve great growth and placement without ever paying for advertising.

4. Helps you learn about your customers wants
Just as your customers can learn more about your company through social media, you are also able to learn more about your customers. Gauging what your customers interact more with on your social media platforms can aid in giving you a deeper understanding of their preferences. Reading what your customers comment and being receptive to different ideas they may mention allows you to alter and create products/services with your clients’ wants in mind.

5. Increases your outreach to potential customers
Without the utilization of social media for marketing, the ability to reach out to unknown potential customers is lost. Through shares, likes, and comments a companies’ name can reach so many more people that otherwise it wouldn’t have. It gives an opportunity for more people to learn about your brand and what you are about.

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