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It is the age old saying, “we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” Well, Erik Qualman, we tend to agree with you. Welcome to the day and age where more people are on social media than not and more companies are expanding their online presence than decreasing it. Don’t get left behind. Social Media is here to stay so we have complied a list of 12 reasons why social media truly is worth your time.

1 First of all, social media drives traffic to your website. Social Media is the second largest reason why people end up on your website, only behind search engines.

2 When used properly, you can interact and engage with your followers. Answer questions, solve problems, or simply say hi.

3 Over time, those users you interacted with will begin to build relationships with you and your brand creating even more trust.

4 Social Media adds another dynamic to your brand that can’t be achieved on a website. Share interesting and relevant information to create an image and try to stick to it.

5 Increase your presence online with Social Media. While it shouldn’t replace your website, it will reach a new demographic that may not be searching for that site online.

6 Social Media will help you stay current. Social Media is the perfect place to see what your consumers want and helps you learn what they are looking for. You can stalk the competition too.

7 Your brand will be exposed to a larger audience online. Say goodbye to the geographic boundaries and say hello to sharing, engaging, and reaching more people than ever before.

8 Prospective clients and customers will contact you through social media. It not only generates leads but it generates business. People trust what they see on social media.

9 Social Media lets people know you’re staying up on the trends and caring about what your customers are doing.

10 Social Media is free. You can post as much as you want, whenever you want, at no cost. Decrease that marketing spending and save some money with social media.

11 There are more options than just one. Whether you pick Instagram, Facebook, or any of the many social media platforms, chances are you will find success.

12. Reminds everyone that you’re there. Say customers only see you once a year; social media lets people know that you’re there all the time.

So there you have it! We just listed 12 of the many reasons why social media is worth your time. It sure is worth ours! Take the plunge and create that Facebook Business Page or Instagram account today. Need help? You know where to find us.