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Competing in The USA and Europe: 5 Differences

Competing in Europe and competing in the United States can be vastly different. Young Professional, Chase Shipka, got to experience it first hand when she based herself in Sweden for a season regularly competing against the world’s best. Curious about the biggest differences? Here is what she learned. 

1. Level of competition: It is a lot more competitive and you are competing against a lot more people week in and week out.

2. More affordable: This makes it so much easier to really test yourself and ensure you and your horse can prepare the way you need to. 

3. Prize money at all levels: Why isn’t this a common occurrence in the United States?

4. Award ceremonies at most levels: These are required. If you don’t show up you won’t get a score and they take them very seriously which is also super cool to be a part of. 

5. The attitude is completely different. Riding is a completely recognized sport and lots of spectators will show up even at the lower levels. I love the atmosphere it brings and it makes it even more fun. You feel like you are at a big-time competition every weekend.

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