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Content creation at horse shows: how important is it?

Horse shows, like any other sports event, are a hub for capturing and creating content. Whether you are creating content for a personal brand, a business, or a client, horse shows offer the perfect opportunity for campaigning and promotion. The competitive environment, equestrian network, and variety of media that can be captured make horse shows an especially great way to grow a brand or business. 

Games and competitions are what draw in audiences and make sports as a whole so exciting. While horse shows don’t get the coverage that other sports do, our competitions are just as important and offer the same amount of passion that any other sport has. Small scale or A-rated, each and every horse show showcases a level of competitiveness and performance that deserves to be displayed. Because of this, some of your best content can be captured during your next show.  

Content creation has become an essential part of any social media campaign and has transformed the digital marketing world. By taking advantage of your next horse show as a way to demonstrate the quality of your brand, you can create media that will inspire others and promote your next campaign. Looking to promote your clothing brand? Show a rider in action in your clothes at the horse show. Not only can you promote your clothing through vendors at the show, but you can capture content that shows the quality, style, and durability of your clothing. Whether you are promoting a sponsored rider, personal business, or a new product, horse shows offer the best opportunities to show your subject in action. By setting up a shoot on-site at a horse show or simply documenting a ride, you can get the content you need for your next social media post. As equestrians, we are always looking to connect with those around us who share the same passion, so utilizing your next horse show as a way to network and create content will boost your personal or professional brand.

In our recent newsletter, Athletux has started offering content creation packages for clients, specifically tailored to horse show content. Riders and/or equestrian brands can partner with Athletux to create horse show content that is high-quality, compelling and perfect for your brand. This content is made specifically for social media coordination and posting. Looking to create a reel that will showcase your brand and intrigue your audience? Athletux offers a package that allows reels and photographs to take the spotlight of your social media. Athletux creates content that is ready-to-post so you don’t have to do any of the dirty work. We want to create a social media package that will help you grow your following effectively and efficiently, so that you can direct your campaign in the direction that you want. 

Email us at for more information about cultivating your next social media campaign. 

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