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Inside Caroline Martin’s Tack Trunk

4 things she never leaves home without!
  1. Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder: We have so many horses in the barn with white socks and pink skin, meaning we dealt with a lot of fungal infections– before Coat Defense. Coat Defense’s Daily Preventative Powder is all natural, so you won’t have to worry about burning your horse’s skin– unlike some of the other harsh chemical formulas. This product is incredibly versatile! I put it under cross country boots and saddle pads to prevent chafing. On cold days I put it on sweaty areas, wait for it to dry and just curry it off. And I always put it on all my horses legs after cross country to prevent any sort of bacterial infection.
  2. Nupafeed Magnesium: Nupafeed is an essential part of my horse’s showing routines– especially when they are at peak fitness. I have tested a lot of magnesium/calming products, and nothing works as well as Nupafeed! In addition to showing, I love to use Nupafeed during travel to ease my horse’s anxiety. I have found that when I give my horses a syringe of the oral paste before travel, they eat better, move around less and are less sucked up when we arrive at a show.
  3. Likit Boredom Breaker: My horses love playing with their Boredom Breakers, and I always make sure to bring several Likit toys to shows in order to keep them occupied while they are waiting for their rounds. My horses love all of the Likit flavors, and I love that the products are made with simple formulations. Likit carries sweet and savory treats. The sweet flavors are made with glucose, a simple form of sugar also found in grass, but for horses on sugar restricted diets, they can try one of the amazing salty flavors!
  4. Mane n Tail Shine-On: This magical spray literally makes my horses sparkle! I love that it repels dust so even if I am warming up in a sandy arena, my horses still have a fresh shine when they enter the show ring. Maintaining my horses’ coat health is very important, so I love that this Shine-On spray is pH balanced and does not leave their coats with an oily residue. This product saves my team so much grooming time and my horses have never looked fresher.

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