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5 Tips for Fly Season with Ecovet Fly Spray

Fly season is well and truly upon us. Knowing the best ways to apply your fly spray can help you keep your horse comfortable and bug-free all summer. Our friends at Ecovet had some great tips for this fly season that we wanted to share!
  1. Be sure to not forget to apply fly spray to the ears, face, and muzzle. It is easiest to spray the fly spray onto a rag or even your hand to wipe on to these three places. This will help your horse keep from shaking its head while riding.
  2. If your horse is nervous about being sprayed, as many are, spray the fly spray onto a brush or rag and apply it all over the body.
  3. Most fly sprays will tell you how often to re-apply. Depending on the brand this can be 1 to 5 hours. Or in Ecovet’s case 24 hrs! Check your bottle of fly spray to see how often is safe to re-apply. With Ecovet a little goes a long way because it is so effective you don’t have to use it as much or as often.
  4. Fly spray works best on a dry coat. Fly spray is not as effective on wet hair, so be sure not to fly spray after a bath or on a sweaty horse.
  5. If your horse has sensitive skin, try a fly spray that has all-natural ingredients, like Ecovet Fly Spray. Their fly spay is all-natural and also helps with sweet itch and dry skin.

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