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5 essential travel tips for horse and rider

Even though the 2023 spring season is coming to an end the summer circuit is just beginning! The last thing you want to be worried about when travelling is making sure you have everything you need. Of course, you need things like your tack, horse, and boots, but what else are you forgetting?! Continue reading to find out what you might not even know you need to stay prepared for the summer! 

  1. When travelling the most important thing is staying hydrated whether that is for you or the horse. You might have a few spare water bottles in the car, but your buckets are tucked in the back of the trailer! What do you do? Professional’s Choice provides a collapsible bucket to keep your big and small animals hydrated and ready to go! 
  2. When comfort and branding meet, it’s like the stars have aligned! Heading to a horse show and need to stay cool and comfortable on your trip and in the barn, but don’t want to lose your personal items? Horse Scout Design provides a “Barn Bundle.” You can stay cozy and display your barn branding with blankets, pillows, dog beds, and more! 
  3. A stressed pony is the last thing that you need when it comes to travelling in the summer! Auburn Laboratories Inc. provides a product to protect your horse from stress, provides immune support, and improves their glucose metabolism. This product is fantastic to start before you leave, and to continue even when you get to your destination! 
  4. Even though you might remember your saddle, boots, and bridle, there are still a few things missing… your everyday essentials! Manna Pro provides an incredible selection involving leather cleaner, wound and muscle care, grooming supplies, treats, and more. Before you start your travels, check out Manna Pro to make sure you haven’t forgotten your essential items! 
  5. Summer is definitely the hottest time of the year, so keeping your horse cool is ideal. Whether you are making a stop overnight or travelling straight through, Ice Horse is going to be your best friend. Stick a pair of cold therapy wraps in your drink cooler so that way when you arrive to your destination, you have the perfect pair of ice boots to keep your horse nice and cold! 

 These 5 essential travel tips for horse and rider are definitely a must for summer plans! Stay safe and cool and have a fantastic summer! 

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