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3 Tips to Create an Amazing Website

An online presence has become the most effective way to market your personal brand/business. But this presence goes beyond social media. In order to communicate your professionalism to prospective clients/owners, you need to have a killer website. At Athletux, we create and manage quite a few websites. Here are some of our top tips.

Start with a Square Space template.

Many people avoid creating a website because they believe that it is too complicated. But they probably haven’t heard that tools like Square Space and Weebly will do the majority of the structural work for you. Make sure you choose a template that is simple, and professional. These templates will do the color scheme for you– but remember that the majority of the site should be neutral colored, and you can add bits of your brand’s colors here and there.

High-quality images!

This one is important. The templates will leave you a lot of space to put images of you and your horses, but only choose high-quality images that you would feel confident viewing on a large computer screen. It is honestly better to have fewer images than to populate your site with a lot of blurry ones.

Organize topics into pages.

As tempting as it may be to place all of your information on the landing page, this can be overwhelming for the viewer. The landing page should contain a large, high-quality image, as well as a brief explanation of your business. Additionally, “About”, “Sales”, and “Contact” pages are a great place to start.

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