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Tips To Promote Your Sponsors

Tips to Promote Your Sponsors

While Covid-19 may have placed your season on hold, your relationship with your sponsors is just as important as ever, we have compiled a list of ideas below on how to continue promoting them while things are at a stand-still.

  • Social Media Posts
    • Highlighting products that are from your sponsors and telling your followers all about them is a great way to promote your sponsors and to show them that they are still actively being promoted.
    • Try posting pictures of you utilizing your sponsors products. For example, take pictures of your riding attire and/or your horse’s attire to showcase the products and how much you enjoy them.
  • Video Reviews of Products
    • Post videos of your reviews of their products and you can even include videos of you trying them out. There are lots of avenues to post these to, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
      • This would be a great time to take advantage of Instagram’s new video tab. Through IGTV you can upload videos anywhere between 1-60 minutes long and they are 400 times more likely to receive views over a standard picture or video you post.
    • Go to their sites and post a review on your favorite product or do so via their social media platforms as well.
    • Send out newsletters to your clients and/or followers
      • While everyone is in a position to social distance themselves and you may not be seeing your clients regularly right now, a great way to stay in contact and keep everyone updated is through emailing or snail mailing newsletters out.
        • In each newsletter would be a great place to talk about a few of your sponsors or place their logo on each newsletter you send out.
      • Allow your clients/followers a chance to participate in your day
        • Instagram and Facebook have created polls that you can post to allow followers to vote on polls you create. Some examples of these polls could be:
          • Let your followers pick your shirt for the day (pick shirts from your sponsor for the options) and emphasize who they are from.
          • Give followers a chance to choose what color pad (again choose pads from your sponsor.)
          • Let followers choose your color of boots (also with choices from your sponsor.)
        • Communicate
        • Be sure to email your sponsors during this time to ask them how you can best help promote their brand!

Although your season may be on hold, there are lots of ways to include your sponsors in your day to day activities. Utilize social media and attach their names in each post you create and share. Continue promoting and keeping your relationship with your sponsor strong!

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