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5 Ways To Thank Your Sponsors This Holiday Season

Somehow the end of 2021 is nearly here and that means it is time to start thinking about how to thank your sponsors and team for all they have done to support you. The thought can seem daunting but we wanted to share five tips and ideas that are easy to do but will also leave them feeling appreciated. A little can go a long way and it would be the perfect way to kick off 2022!

  1. Holiday Cards: This is our favorite go-to and a great way to send out thank you’s. Shutterfly is our favorite site to use and you can leave the back blank allowing you to write a quick note and sign each one. These are crowd favorites for sure!
  2. A Photoshoot: Getting some professional photos done is not only something fun to do, but you will come away with tons of content for your social media and to send to sponsors as a thank you.
  3. Videos: Take a moment and film an extra video or segment talking about the product. You could even add in any sales they have coming up for the holidays and make it fun and festive. These can be quick and easy but have a huge effect. Maybe even turn it into a reel!
  4. A Gift: These make get a bit more expensive and be best for your immediate team, but maybe get everyone a new hat or polo with your logo on it. Then, they feel appreciated and everyone will look coordinated in 2022 representing your brand. You could also send out gift baskets or other personalized items that everyone will love.
  5. A Year-End Newsletter: This is huge! Even if you aren’t going to send anything out in the mail, be sure that you update your entire team of sponsors and supporters on your year and let them know how you are doing. It is a great way for you to recap the year and throw in some fun photos and content for them to read through. Be sure to thank everyone for their support and let everyone know what your winter plans are. Mail Chimp is a great free platform if you don’t want to pay.

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