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10 Business Tips From 10 Years of Business From Athletux

  1. Think through your brand voice, vision, logo, colors, and branding. You will use them for years to come if you are successful.
  2. Don’t be afraid to offer a smaller number of services and do them well!
  3. When you are not the best company or fit for a potential client, say so! Quality, not quantity is key in clientele.
  4. Always prioritize customer service above all else. Your company or brand’s reputation is key, go above and beyond to be sure your clients feel heard.
  5. Continue to look at your brand over the years with a clear vision. Restructuring services, offerings, and various aspects can be scary, but are usually always worth it!
  6. Give advice to those who ask without nickel and diming them. Be a mentor for others when you can and thank you mentors too.
  7. Invest in people and relationships, you will depend on them for success time and time again.
  8. You are only as strong as the team behind you.
  9. Things will inevitably go different than planned and you will make mistakes. Admit fault when you are wrong and own up to it.
  10. Learn from your past and take risks. Do not worry so much about what will be years from now, but rather what is happening right now. Your path down the road will have a weird way of working itself out.

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