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5 Tips to Help Prepare For Your First Event in the Age of COVID-19

  1. Add personal protective equipment to your packing list. The USEF’s COVID-19 action plan does not require masks or other personal protective equipment when on the grounds, however, the CDC continues to recommend face coverings as a way to decrease transmission of the virus. Also remember that rules surrounding face coverings differ by county in California, so much sure to do your research ahead of time. In general, most counties in California require face coverings in grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. So keep that in mind if you are planning to pick up food or do some last-minute shopping.
  2. Schedule a socially distanced dinner with your horse show buddies. Social distancing will be required at all times on competition grounds, but this does not prevent you from catching up with your friends from 6 feet apart. Pick up some food and set up folding chairs at a safe distance. Being surrounded by the Area VI community is one of the very best things about showing, and while we can’t be as close, we still need to be there for each other during such uncertainty.
  3. Make sure to have someone video your rides. The USEF has stated that non-essential personnel, such as guests, will not be allowed on-site during the competition. Your friends and family may be upset to hear this, so make sure to have someone videotape all of your rounds so that you can keep them updated on how your first competition back is going.
  4. Complete the revised entry form and waiver. Revised entry forms and waivers have been created since the outbreak. Check the USEF’s and the event organizer’s website to make sure you are up to date on all the required documentation.
  5. Be on top of your schedule. Ring stewards will be much stricter as to how many people are allowed in a warm-up arena at a time in order to comply with social distancing guidelines. This means that you will need to be on top of your schedule to ensure that you are not showing up to the warmup too early or too late. Also, remember that these are unprecedented times for our volunteers and our coaches, so be understanding and do not expect them to bend rules to accommodate your schedule.

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