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Three Free Ways to Gain Exposure as an Athlete

1. Strong social media presence

This one is obvious, but perhaps the most important if you are trying to reach more potential clients, sponsors, or owners without spending money. Even if you do not pay Instagram or Facebook to promote your posts, you will be able to reach new people through explorer features if you play your cards right. This means using all of social media’s tools (live streams, stories, reels, etc). Pro tip: social media platforms desperately want people to adopt their new tools, so for example, using Instagram’s new reel feature will increase your chances of reaching new followers on the explorer page.

2. Write an article for an equestrian publication

Eventing Nation, Chronicle of the Horse, and other equine news sources are always looking for professionals to write articles giving advice or even just sharing their stories. This is a very easy way to reach your target market because these publications’ readerships are fully composed of equestrians or fans of the sport. When reaching out to these publications, establish your credibility within the industry and pitch a couple of potential articles you could write that would be on-brand with previous content they have released.

3. Post on local forums/bulletin boards

If you are a professional that just moved into the area and are actively searching out new clients, this is a great way to get in touch with the locals. A lot of parents, especially ones without connections in the horse world, look on these forums and boards for places to sign their children up for riding lessons. This is a super easy and cheap way to get your name out there and start networking in your local area.

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