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5 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Barn Organized to be as Efficient as Possible

By Young Professional Anna Pierce

Tip 1: Label EVERYTHING! From stalls to blankets to buckets, labels help to keep everyone on the same page and on track. Labeling items also serve as a safety measure to insure each horse receives the care they need.

Tip 2: Those bridle numbers we use at horse shows are reusable!! My favorite thing to do with them is use them as halter tags!!

Tip 3: This is quite possibly my favorite thing about my barn – water hoses/cutoffs in each stall!! It is very simple to install, especially if you have automatic waters in your barn, you just remove the auto water bucket, put a turn-off valve on the pipe and a small hose that can reach your buckets, and voila!! You can purchase one garden hose and cut it the length needed for each stall then install on valve with a hose clamp. I love this system because you can easily clean and dump your buckets, monitor your horses water intake, and you don’t have to drag a hose across your barn!!

Tip 4: Cut the labels off your feed bags and tape them onto the side of your feed cans/bins. This simple trick helps insure there is zero confusion as to which feed is in what bin or which feed is getting low and needs to be restocked or refilled. It also ensures that horses get the proper feed when giving multiple different grains or supplements.

Tip 5: Wrap your saddle racks in carpet! This will help prevent scratches or defects to your saddle trees. I just go to The Home Depot and purchase the stickable carpet, wrap it on the saddle rack and use a staple gun to secure the carpet onto the saddle rack.

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