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5 Tips To Stay Motivated When Your Horse is Rehabbing

Performance and sport psychologist Darby Bonomi, PhD helps athletes and other high performance individuals conquer the challenges that interfere with bringing their best to every moment—in and out of competition. With decades of professional experience and an equestrian athlete herself, Dr. Bonomi knows what it takes to get to the top and enjoy it too. Here are her five top tips on how to stay motivated when your horse is rehabbing.
  • Keep perspective. All athletes, including horses, get injured at one time or another. All riders understand the frustration and the pain. None of us is immune. Remember you’re in good company.
  • Take the long view. Retool your goals, and keep focused on your destination. Your timeframe may have changed, but your goals have not.
  • Stay fit, or even better, develop your fitness. If you’re not competing, you likely have more time and energy to devote to your overall physical health, so go after it!
  • Keep involved in the sport. Take an online class, follow your favorite pros, read a classic horsemanship book, and support your barn mates. You’ll be back in the saddle before you know it.
  • Find enjoyment and gratitude in the rehab process! Spend more quality time with your horse on the ground, and be grateful for the quieter time with him. Show him how much you appreciate him, and he will show you back.

—Darby Bonomi, PhD

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