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Tips to Maximize Your brand Content At your next photoshoot

  1. Create a game plan with your content team prior to your photo shoot.

We recommend having a game plan well in advance of your shoot so that both you and your content team are on the same page. This helps manage expectations on both ends and assures the best chance as getting content that you’re going to love. This plan includes sending over ideas of content you like as well as developing a shot list for specific reels and photos. It is also helpful to talk through your brand strategy to make sure the look and feel of the content matches what is already on your feed.

  1. Keep an open mind.

These content creators are the best at what they do. We love giving our team the creative freedom to come up with ideas that might be a little outside the box but work well with the goals of the shoot. Who knows, that new idea could become the newest viral trend! Don’t get stuck in what everyone else is doing. It is way better for your brand that way and you get more engagement for something fun and unique!

  1. Make Sure Your Team is Prepared

Be sure to also brief your team about what is happening on site before hand so they know what to except. This will ensure that the shoot runs efficiently allowing you to get the best content and maximizes everyone’s time. You might need to be sure people have the correct products on hand or are wearing the proper clothes, you may even need a change of clothes so that you get different looks during the same shoot. Nothing is worse than showing up to a shoot where no one has any idea of what to do. 

  1. Be Honest Yet Thoughtful With Feedback 

When the shoot is over and you get your first look at the content, be sure to take time to look at each content item before rushing to say everything looks great. If that happens, you might miss something little that could be easily fixed and then when you go to use the content, realize it later when it can’t be fixed right away. And in the event maybe it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, write out thoughtful feedback that is honest yet understanding. The editing part is just as important as the prep work and a thoughtful editing process can take the content from good to great.

Athletux is here and ready to help with your branding and content needs! If you don’t know where to start when it comes to getting great content or need someone to capture your ideas, send us an email at and we would be happy to sit down with you to look at next steps.

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