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Tips for Securing a Working Student Position

On the hunt for a working student position? Reaching out to professionals that you admire can be very intimidating! However, it helps to remember two things. First, that they were once in your position– young athletes eager to learn everything they can.  And secondly, that you will never know unless you ask. Here are our top tips for reaching out to these pros, and finally securing that coveted working student position.


  • Attach your resume

Like any other employer, top riders are looking for smart, hardworking candidates. Sending them a resume which highlights all of your job experience (even if it is not in the equine industry) is a great first step. Don’t have any job experience yet? No problem! Your resume should also include volunteer experience, academic achievements, clubs and even notable show finishes. Sending your resume along with your initial message to a professional is a great way to demonstrate your seriousness and differentiate yourself from other candidates.


  • Create a video compilation of yourself riding

If you are hoping to secure a position which includes riding, professionals will be interested in seeing this footage. If possible, find clips of yourself riding lots of different horses. Chances are, they care less about how you ride your own horse, and more about how you can handle a variety of rides. Keep this video short (1-2 minutes) so you do not overwhelm them. It is likely that they will ask to see you ride in person anyways.


  • Gather letters of recommendation

The horse world is a small one, so letters of recommendation tend to go a long way. As scary as it may seem to ask someone to write one for you, most people are more than happy to do it. Reaching out to your trainer, a pony club organizer, or an old employer is a great place to start!


  • Send a short, friendly message

Top riders are busy! This first message needs to be short and to the point. Feel free to use this template below for inspiration.


Hi _______,


My name is _______. I am a young rider and aspiring professional in Area ___, looking for a way to improve my riding and deepen my knowledge of the equestrian industry. I am a huge fan of your riding, and am reaching out to see if you have any working student positions available at the moment. I have attached my resume, letters or recommendation and a short video of myself riding. I would love to find a time to connect over the phone if you think you may have a position that is fitting. If you do not have any availability at the moment, please keep me in mind if positions open up or if you know of another professional looking for help. Feel free to contact me at _(insert phone number)_ or _(insert email)_. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you have a great day.

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