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What are 5 Ways to Support Other Equestrians?

  1. Help each other out with daily chores!  Chores are a pain, so sharing the workload with a friend always makes it much more enjoyable.
  2. Be open to all different aspects of the horse industry; you may be on a different career path than your friend who is also an equestrian.  It is valuable as an equestrian to be knowledgeable about all different aspects of the industry, so it is important to be open and willing to learn about all career paths involved in equestrian industry!
  3. Be supportive and excited about your fellow equestrians’ success! To go along with being open to all different aspects of the industry, you should always be happy to see your friends succeed in the industry.  If they are offered an amazing job opportunity, win a big competition, or even perform a new maneuver in a lesson, ALWAYS be excited about it for them and be supportive of their accomplishment!
  4. Know that not everybody is in the industry to get the same thing out of it that you are.  While some people are equestrians because they love competing, or they want to work in a big business, or they simply love horses, do not make them feel any less for being in it for a different reason than you.
  5. Take some time away from the barns and the horses!  Take a day or two to yourself and have a mini vacation.  Working with horses every single day can really exhaust you sometimes, so it is okay to take a break from it every now and then.


Kirstyn Eckhoff

-Butler, Missouri

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