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How to Keep Your Equestrian Business Growing in a Standstill

Finding ways to keep your business’ revenue coming in may seem difficult right now, but there are lots of ways to keep growing! Check out a few tips and ideas to keep your revenue coming in as your business slows down due to Covid-19.

  • Promote your items/services you are able to sell online
    • Advertising now will be more important than ever. Many clients are going to utilizing the internet for much of their shopping, and it’s essential to place yourself in a position to be their outlet.
    • List items for sale to encourage current clients to return and create deals or offers for new clients so you are still drawing in new clients.
    • Consider offering lesson and training packages people can purchase now and use later.
  • Release videos
    • Although you may not be able to see your clients as you normally may have, there are still ways to reach out to them and to draw in new clients. Releasing videos that allow clients to continue learning and interacting with you is a great way to do this.
    • Encourage riders to sign up for a week, month, or multiple months to receive videos to further themselves and their horses. Ideas of these videos could be things such as riding tips, training tips, etc.
  • Offer Video Evaluations
    • If you are no longer able to offer lessons, an opportunity to continue those would be through video evaluations. Allow new or old clients to send you videos of them riding and after critiquing return comments to the client. This would be a great way to keep current customers and encourage new ones.
  • Ensure to maintain contact with current clients so they return after
    • Some clients will not be in a position to return to your business until things have passed. This is an important time to keep in touch with your clients so you can ensure they will return when they can.
      • An idea to continue contact points with your clients is through a weekly newsletter that allows them to keep in touch with you, and you with them. This could include updates on your business, tips for them to stay healthy, etc.
      • Stand out to them just by telling them that you are there for them. You do not necessarily need to ask for their business at this time, as just knowing you are there for them means much more.
  • Look into and take advantage of government aid if you need it.
    • The government is currently issuing small business grants for 10k and in many cases you do not have to pay them back. Consider applying here-

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